Hello and welcome to John Glenn Astronomy Park Program Reservation System! Program availability is based on the number of parking spaces that we have available. Currently, our limit is 70 cars. However, you may bring as many people with as you can fit in your car!

In order to keep things safe and fun, we require that you reserve your spot ahead of time. Please look through the available programs and choose the one that best fits your schedule. Please note that programs are weather dependent. We will send out an e-mail by noon on the day that a program is cancelled. So, be sure to watch for it if the weather looks cloudy.

We will occasionally add additional programs if there are interesting celestial events (comets, meteor showers, novae etc,.), so watch this space.

See you at JGAP!

Galaxy Season (8:45 PM)

(49 spots left)
Friday May 24th 2019

In spring, we look out through the "Top" of the milky-way at the great expanse beyond. Galaxies will be the star of the show tonight.

Galaxy Season! (8:45 PM)

(41 spots left)
Saturday May 25th 2019

Dark skies and distant galaxies.

More galaxies! (9:00 PM)

(61 spots left)
Friday May 31st 2019

Sunset is getting later and later. Those who are willing to wait will have dark, moonless skies.

The Big Dipper (9:00 PM)

(51 spots left)
Saturday June 1st 2019

At the end of spring, the Big Dipper is high overhead on early evenings. It's filled with strange and distant galaxies.

Beautiful crescent moon (9:00 PM)

(66 spots left)
Friday June 7th 2019

The moon is a beautiful crescent, but not so bright that other, more distant, things can be seen.

The Apollo 11 Landing Site (9:00 PM)

(62 spots left)
Saturday June 8th 2019

With the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing coming up, the phase of the moon makes shadows that allow us to see the subtle texture of the landing site. (The descent stage and flag are too small be seen so far away.)

The Milky Way Rising (9:15 PM)

(60 spots left)
Friday June 14th 2019

Those who have the stamina to stay up late will be rewarded with glorious dark skies and the Milky-Way rising along the Eastern Horizon.

Almost Summer! (9:15 PM)

(58 spots left)
Saturday June 15th 2019

It gets dark very late. Those who have the stamina, will be rewarded with a view of the Milky-Way rising in the east.

"Here Comes The Sun!" (7:00 PM)

(5 spots left)
Friday June 21st 2019

Come celebrate our One Year anniversary with a special musical event. We will be hosting a performance by 24 guitarists of the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" along with other, Sun and Solar System Related, activities.

The Sun and Jupiter (7:00 PM and later)

(45 spots left)
Saturday June 22nd 2019

Come enjoy a special program of both the sun (through our solar telescopes) and the great planet Jupiter, which will be visible soon after sunset. Come any time between 7:00 and 9:30.